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Structural Components

Your trusted manufacturer of automotive chassis and structural components.

75+ Years of Excellence

It's our standard practice to manufacture every product the right way, the same way, every single time.

ACEMCO Automotive Structural Components

ACEMCO's long-standing relationship with tier 1 automotive and transportation suppliers has earned us a reputation for excellence in chassis and structural components for high-performance vehicles. Our team understands the importance of a vehicle's chassis system for safety as well as function.

Our flexibility in manufacturing and our reputation for delivering high-quality solutions on short lead times has made us a reliable partner for many automotive suppliers. 

Our Key Automotive Areas

We’re your trusted experts in the following automotive component applications: 

Structural Components
Frames, engine cradles, and unibodies — we do it all with precision. Committed to tackling any challenge, we’re even able to accommodate components that require AHSS steels and tight tolerances for automated welding.

Vibration Control
We’re experts in manufacturing quality engine mounts and other important components that aid in vibration control. Capable of meeting tight tolerances as often regulated in insert molding.

Structural Group